Monday, June 27, 2016

Turkish coffee reading

Turkish coffee reading


the game of super delegates-

dandelion fluff

buy one, get one free

as mornings show promise

on major stock markets,

the human in the street

has got just that, the street

sometimes a wall clogged with memes and pet cats

I heard that activism is back in fashion,

donations make or break world dreams of power

why is that looks familiar, Catilina?

the English speaking world, that is, the planet

marches, prays, keeps moments of silence

for victims of hate,

where hate is just another name

for old Mamona worshipers,

soon we will run out of chlorophyll,

rumors of going green grow,

make sense not only among environmentalists

and native tribes;

the pot is still illegal, yet my consolation is

that we have full access to media news giants

and as I speak my hand that holds the Turkish coffee cup

has been invaded by small round brown age spots

luckily removable with home remedies.


for what you are about to see

are needed

distance vision glasses,

interests never tired

keep building tribunes

of words

for you to fear and worship,

every second a lie is launched and thrives

in the imagination of the hopeful and the poor,

free markets make huge profits out of panic, anger, hate,


desensitized young shoppers in a global mall

of all-you-can-buy

are tweeting they are in

the coming revolution,

never mind the ignorance of many

about human dignity

by now considered a warp.

Accomplice- the ink performs the daily task

of blinding readers of printed news.


the case for a smoke free America

is gaining ground

despite the fact

that our revolution reloaded,

yet Pachamama opens fumaroles,

emitting toxic vapors,

before they

disappear within weeks to months;

volcanoes just like people go dormant

for long periods,

never trust the warning schemes,

the level of unrest remains a likelihood

before goes up in ashes.


deafening fanfares about the town,

Pantalone as a transgender Columbina

waves kisses to the crowds,

sluggish markets can hardly hold the bear back

as no one has a clue,

tomorrow they will stage the same show,

part II,

in fact, the aftertaste

is déjà vu.

a Clown on stilts is soon surrounded by

segway boys wearing

white wigs and black-rim glasses.


the heroes have been dumped

in a mass grave of body bags,

the town sky is no-fly zone for

Batman drones,


a well-coiffed antihero

burping in the microphone

after eating burritos

washed down with horchata,

it's hot;

"illegals with Zika fever

cross the Southern border every night"

he says in anger,

after rally

a handful of Latino landscape workers

beat to shreds

a life-size Trump piñata stuffed with amphetamines,

it's late


on a 65-inch Sony  TV screen

I play

Zen Ocean Waves - Aquatic Dream Therapy-

Total Deep Liquid Bliss,

fully aware that

the grassroots movement

has been all along

an option.


the show is soon to begin

and prima ballerina can´t decide which

partner to choose for her pas de deux

double stacked mascara is needed

for even more dramatic effects

the city's popcorn machines are broken

and there are rumors of civil unrest;

volatile markets everywhere

make bankers nervous and unkind.

pure joy in a thimble,

I bought myself the latest model of iPhone.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sunday, October 26, 2014


morning chill-
China cup with steaming
chrysanthemum tea

tropical hillside-
women in colorful saris
picking the tea

yerba mate-
drinking with friends from
a hollow gourd

graceful maiko-
the ivory tea scoop
in gloved hands

Grand bazaar-
the rug seller offers
hot apple tea

Siberian night-
using dry pinecones
for the samovar

desert moonlight-
camels and bedouins around
the tea kettle

Tibetan monastery-
sipping butter tea from
wooden bowls

airline service-
tea from plastic carafe
no sugar tong

dog days-
supermarkets ran out
of iced tea

Elena Malec

Wednesday, May 15, 2013